Workers’ Compensation recoveries for laborers, carpenters, welders, plumbers, custodians, and many others for injuries to ankles, knees, hips, back, neck, heart, shoulders, wrists, chest, and injuries resulting in death of workers:

  • Injured Nurse Receives $450,000.00 for neck injury at work.
  • Laborer Receives $400,000.00 for Neck injury
  • Welder Recovers $350,000 from General Contractor for Fractured Wrist
  • Worker Recovers $650,000 for Ankle Injury Suffered in Fall
  • Factory Worker Recovers $346,000.00 in Elevator Accident


Discrimination Cases successfully litigated for sex harassment, handicap, age, race, gender, and ancestry:

  • $300,000.00 Verdict Against Newspaper for Handicap Discrimination
  • $500,000.00Verdict in sex harassment Case
  • Bullied Worker Recovers $200,000.00


Personal Injury Cases in hundreds of cases resulting in expeditious full recovery for damages suffered as the result of negligence or product defects:

  • Passenger Slips on Ferry and Recovers $305,000 for leg injury
  • Passenger Recovers $535,000.00 Against Bar for Serving Intoxicated Driver
  • Tenant Verdict for $105,000 for Emotional Injuries caused by plumbing defect


Class Action lawsuits for wage law violations and for violation of federal pension rights:

  • Successfully settled class action lawsuit for $1,700,000.00 securing overtime wages for hundreds of employees.
  • Workers’ Death Results in Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Wife