Guardrail Death Case: A young mother was killed after being impaled in her vehicle upon striking a defective guardrail end terminal. The purpose of guardrail terminal end is to slow down the vehicle by telescoping in on itself. In this case, the defective guardrail failed to “telescope”, pierced through the vehicle and caused death to the driver. We are working to get justice for the heirs and to improve highway safety through effective guardrail design.


Handicap Discrimination Case: Client suffered from multiple mental and physical impairments. Pursuant to the handicap discrimination law, she requested reasonable accommodations from her employer, but the employer did not accommodate her. Client suffered lost wages, lost benefits, severe emotional distress and medical expenses as a result of the handicap discrimination exhibited by the employer.


Sexual Harassment Case: Employee collected monetary damages after being sexually harassed by her manager at work. She was subject to unwanted inappropriate touching, derogatory comments and was fired by him after refusing his multiple sexual advances toward her. Client was emotionally distraught and reached out to our firm for help to be sure no other employee under his management has to undergo such lewd and disparaging treatment.


Workers’ Compensation Cases: Assisted living employee was sexually assaulted by her patient. Employer had her return to treat the same patient the next day against her wishes and she was assaulted again. She suffered serious mental trauma and is unable to work. A claim was filed seeking double compensation for employer’s serious and willful misconduct.